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A Guide To The Healing Power Of Crystals and Gemstones

Guide to the power of crystals

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

Everything that exists on earth is comprised of energy, from humans, plants animals, rocks, to  gems and crystals.

The use of crystals and gemstones has been used for thousands of years for their mysterious healing properties, and their ability to help balance the mind, body and spirit.

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The Hidden Power of Music

Power of Music

It is said in many ancient traditions throughout history that when God created us in the unseen worlds, he blew His breath into us and sang, and thus we began to dance from the joy of being alive.

Whatever our beliefs we all share one fundamental truth that’s undeniable, each of us has a special and secret relationship with music.

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The Secret Of Each Moment

The Secret Of Each Moment

We travel upon this road but once, and we leave our footprints with each step we make in this life.
Although we may glance back at the moments we have shared with one another, and cry tears of joy or of regret, we can never re trace the times we missed to tell one another how much we cared or how much we were moved by their very presence in our lives.

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How Never To Feel Alone Again

To make a change in our life can be difficult and often seems impossible.
But do you know what's more heart wrenching to live with? Regret.
To say to our tears one day:
"I'm so very sorry but I didn't do it because I was afraid."
We must take the chance no matter how much our heart is trembling, we must trust it and take its hand, it knows the way of the stars and will take us to where we belong.

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How To Find Your Self Worth

We all live in a world where the game of comparison is played out each day.
Whether that be within the realms of social media, the press, with friends or families, whatever our social surroundings, it is a heavy burden to carry.
There is a fundamental issue within society today and that is how society itself tells us to measure one's value or self worth.

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Searching For The Meaning Of Love

Meaning Of Love

Love is the the life force that makes the universe exist and gives meaning to each breath.

If it were not for this ethereal phenomena, there would be no reason for anything to exist.

Divine love is what binds our souls together.
One of the main reasons why we become miserable and filled with sadness, is that we feel unloved. It is a feeling that something essential is missing from one's life, that life itself is incomplete.

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The Mystery Of Friendship

Friendship remains one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.

One of the most beautiful gifts, that we can be bestowed with, is to have this precious and noble abundance touch our lives.
When we are blessed with a true friend, someone who understands our silence, sings our music, wipes our sorrows and makes the road ahead filled with adventure, it is one of the most profoundly beautiful honours we can be blessed with.

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The Quest for Self Realisation

inspirational quotes.

On our quest for the ultimate in self realisation and spiritual wisdom we must embark upon the road towards humility, with the belief and faith that the human spirit is powerful beyond measure.
It has the capacity to see beyond the ordinary and into the remarkable,by being the beacon that shines its light towards the path of enlightenment.

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The Hardest Thing To Do In Our Lifetime

positive thinking

One of the hardest things to do in our lifetime, is to accept ourselves completely as we really are.

Each new chapter in our life, brings with it a new lesson and a new realisation of our self.   From the moment we are born and place our footsteps on this earth, we know without doubt that we belong to a greater plan, a journey that will take us on every road that is necessary in order for us to reach our soul’s purpose.

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