Mimi Novic

Mimi Novic

Award Winning Author & Writer • Complimentary Medical Practitioner
Leading Natural Health Expert • Voice Artist

Encouraging you in your journey of joy, motivation and healing for an exhilarating life

Mimi Novic is one of today’s bestselling inspirational authors and is ranked amongst the top names in inspirational, motivational and spiritual books in the world.
Her writings and quotes are considered some of the most popular in modern times and are used by some of today’s most well known and influential figures.

She is internationally known as one of the most respected and highly regarded motivational and self awareness teachers in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth.
Her expertise has made her amongst the most popular and highly demanded well being experts of today. Working as a psychotherapist, complementary medical practitioner, self development teacher, voiceover artist, author and motivational speaker, Mimi has collaborated with some of the most well-known and knowledgeable therapists, composers, musicians, coaches, healers and professionals in their field and bringing together powerful teams that work in synchronicity to bring the best possible life enhancing experiences. She teaches and runs workshops and seminars in a wide array of therapies, complementary medicine and self-awareness, working around the world in clinics, retreats and on a one to one basis.

The life long dream and vision of Mimi 's began from an early age. It is the driving force behind the passion to help people realise their true potential and transform their life so that they may become fulfilled and gain the confidence and wellbeing to achieve their lifelong ambitions and heal from within.

After travelling extensively around the world, absorbing the vast cultures and teachings from the colourful to the amazing, Mimi experienced many life changing methods and therapies from meetings with remarkable and respected teachers, spiritual guides, healers and experts in their field.
They taught and inspired her to further develop and embrace her own unique and successful methods of bringing together these inspirational and life changing influences into music, words and the healing power of transformational therapy, which can bring into our life a powerful and profound balance of positive awakening.

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