Through Mimi's ground-breaking healing techniques, thousands of people have learnt to gain wellness in mind, body and spirit as well as developing positive thinking techniques to gain greater freedom to achieve a more balanced and peaceful life.

Through her work as a renowned and sought after complementary medical practitioner and leading natural health expert, she is well known for her transformational work of helping clients to embark upon the journey of self-discovery.

Mimi teaches seminars and workshops in complementary medicine and self-awareness, as well as traditional and eastern holistic therapies, working around the world in clinics, retreats and on a one to one basis.
She has collaborated with some of the most well known experts and knowledgable therapists, coaches, healers and professionals in their field, while bringing together powerful teams that work in synchronicity to bring each client the best possible life enhancing experiences.

Understanding ourselves is the key to wisdom and the beginning of the path towards self realisation and wellness on all levels.
By taking action towards the best possible future we must deal with our present situation.
Learning practical techniques that you can use for yourself and others by understanding the connection of thoughts, emotions, and energy that are all interconnected in the body is an incredibly powerful way to revive your mind body and soul.
Mimi's health and wellbeing retreats and workshops are individually tailored and designed to improve the health, wellbeing, energy and performance of every individual attending.
They are always made to ensure that each workshop is highly interactive and engaging, whilst also being informative and educational.

The whole experience provides a base and opportunity for growth and expansion, allowing clients to emerge ready to pursue their chosen goals.
For those who wish to explore the subject areas further following their attendance at one of her retreats or workshops, she offers the chance to further enhance your knowledge by offering individual tailor made packages.

Each session is aimed at providing the skills that help you to energise, balance, de- stress, motivate and give everyone the uplifting drive, to optimise their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, so in turn you will be able to use the skills in you’re daily living whether that be at home, or privately, to dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Mimi has designed and delivered many health and wellbeing workshops, retreats, and seminars throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide and is always keen to create and explore new ones to reflect your specific needs and incorporate them into your vision for success.
She provides all her clients a full and detailed itinerary and each one is custom made to the specific group or individual.

Retreats, Seminars and Workshops include the following methods:

• Healing Breath, Peaceful Soul Breathing Method
• Acupuncture
• Cognitive Behaviour
• Aromatherapy
• Perfumery
• Self Esteem & Awareness
• Meditation
• Stress Relief
• Nutrition
• Confidence Techniques
• Complementary Therapies
• Reflexology
• Indian Head Massage
• Cupping
• Self Massage
• Energy Rebalancing
• Shirodhara

Mimi collaborates regularly with leading mind, body and health experts, as well as renowned inspirational teachers to bring an enhanced level of understanding and learning about oneself, in order to profoundly develop a deep sense of awareness and to reach an inner peace that ultimately enhances your presence in the world.