When we align ourselves with our true calling, it has the power to transform not only your life but every person you meet along the way.

Mimi's invigorating love for her work, is evident straight away, as she is able to make clients feel an immediate sense of familiarity and ease.
This comes from dealing with people across many cultures and backgrounds, as well as having an in depth understanding on many levels what the client needs through her vast experience with many of her clients arriving from all walks of life.

Each client is guided along their journey to themselves, with care, understanding and absolute confidentiality and discretion.

Each person is unique and therefore needs something specially tailored to their aspirations and lifestyle and this is where her expertise becomes transformational.

Whether it's relationships, family, career, love, self esteem, goal setting, confidence, whatever the assistance and guidance is needed, each carefully and specifically tailored solution is geared towards enriching your life.

Mimi has the privilege of working internationally and has won many awards within various areas and industries.

She is a leading natural health and psychology expert and her expertise has taken her across the globe to assist and help transform people in many different sectors.
Her clients range from high profile clients, television celebrities, the entertainment industry, fashion designers, artists, doctors, lawyers and health professionals, is but a small example of the areas she covers.

Her aim is to motivate, ignite, inspire and give to you the secret of how to recognise and own your power, so that you may live the life that honours your true self.

Sessions include a detailed guide and support throughout your journey of how to awaken to what your reason is for being where you are, where you would like to be and where your mind, body and spirit needs guidance and healing.

She also works as complementary medical practitioner in many traditional and modern techniques, that include a vast range of different therapies ranging from talking to physical therapies.

She has devised the Healing Breath, Peaceful Soul Technique, used by therapists worldwide.
It is based on a breathing technique that uses your own breath for transformational results in daily living.

Having also trained in talking therapies, which include cognitive behavioural therapy, and also therapies that are specifically used for Energy Rebalancing, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, to name a few, she is able to offer  a complete wholistic approach to your needs that encompasses your spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing, which is always aimed at respecting you, the unique individual that you are, and celebrating that quality.

Whatever you may be facing in your life, together we can make a difference, so that you may begin your real journey and find your true purpose and thus beginning to lead a life that is without fear, without hindrance and start to live fully where each day is full of hope, courage and self love.

Motivational Speaking

A motivational speaker is someone with an amazing life story to tell but it isn't just the story itself that will motivate the audience, it is the way they tell it and the passion behind it that makes their speeches all the more inspiring.

Such a passion comes through from Mimi's work as a motivational speaker. Her magnetic approach has led her to inspire across diverse and various sectors from high profile, high ranking business people, all the way through to the arts and health and wellbeing circles, to achieve success, by holding an audience captivated by involving them at every level and making them feel and become part of her and their story, creating an exhilarating atmosphere that awakens the potential of the listener to change their life.

Her motivational speech is always delivered with great care aiming to bring the listeners a renewed sense of exhilarating zest for living.

Whether you want to be motivated to follow your dreams, change your life, or encouraged to look after your health and wellbeing, she produces that secret ingredient that is her famous signature,  on each event, which is exactly what your audience needs to transform their life.

She delivers her key messages with a unique, accessible style and is able to turn ordinary teams into some of the most productive.

Drawing from her own incredible personal experiences of adversity, success and teamwork, Mimi can uplift and inspire an audience to ignite their passions and follow their dreams.