Searching For The Meaning Of Love

Love is the the life force that makes the universe exist and gives meaning to each breath.
If it were not for this ethereal phenomena, there would be no reason for anything to exist.
Divine love is what binds our souls together.
One of the main reasons why we become miserable and filled with sadness, is that we feel unloved.

It is a feeling that something essential is missing from one's life, that life itself is incomplete.

It is in the face of this deep unexplainable ache, that people set out in search of love with the desperation of a man dying of thirst.
Being in love with anyone is like dying to your old life and being reborn into a new dimension.

No one ever complains of being in love or wants it to be taken from them, but all want to be loved more.

The manifestation of our physical being in this world comes from the our divinity.
Each of us has universes within us spinning in the hemisphere of the magical and mystical.

The eternal quest for all of us is the search for true love.
Every single created being, whether it be human, bird, animal, plant, is all yearning for
this ocean to bathe in, and it can come in many forms and yet it is formless, it's magnificence overpowers all things and it is the most powerful energy on earth.

If we look around us, the heartbeat of everything, is the spark of all creation, to love and to be loved, what is more beautiful than this.

Unless we are able to look and see with the eyes of love we cannot see things in their true form.
We have searched for love in all the wrong places.
We think that it is something to be found in the material and physical world and we strive after anything and everything that tries to fill our emptiness, but love, is so close to us that we overlook it.
The very place where it is hidden and waiting to be found is within us.

The day we are born, we come into this world, somehow forgetting that love brought us here and that because we were loved by God we were created amongst all of creation to be a vessel of this unseen reality.

Our whole purpose is to discover and to awaken to the most subtle beauty that we could ever experience, yet we could never explain what true love is.

The honourable state of love is the most fulfilling and important experience we can have.
We can't compare love to anything there is no comparison, it is a unique and heavenly grace.

Love is in constant search for us.
It is what brought us here into this physical plane.
Love whispers to us, to seek friendships, relationships, and the ever continuing possibility of meeting hearts.
Love is not the destination; it is the cause of everything.

Everyone we meet has wounds upon their heart.
Everyone is waiting for someone to scatter the seeds of love amongst their tears and to be patient enough to wait for their beautiful fragrance of dreams to awaken once more.

There is something far greater than us that has brought us all together with the people that share our life.

Of all the relationships we establish in our lives, there is a reason for each of them and it is a hidden mystery, it is up to us to find and explore what has connected each of us with one another.

Love arranges for us to meet the people that we do along the way and the source of all things, operates through us.

Each and every one of us thirsts for love, yet sadly we forget that the only fountain that can quench it, resides deep within the river inside of us.
When we are able to open ourselves completely, an alchemy of enlightenment will take place which gives life another type of sweetness, one that poets, artists and singers rejoice about.

Love is the passage of unity, the process through which the electromagnetic vibrations produced by the heart and mind are working hand in hand, thereby opening the way for spiritual elevation.

We do not realise that we are part of a matrix of transformation when we find ourselves falling deeply in love or loving someone without any expectations, loving for the sake of love itself.
It has the power to take us into a state of purification, where everything else dissolves around us that is false and we become elevated to a higher consciousness.

The language of the heart is universal and timeless.
There is nothing quite like it that can bring people together,into the realms of compassion, it is the magical ingredient that is able to make everything ethereal, with just one whisper of our name.

We are all looking for a love so great that that we would travel to any destination, the whole world and beyond, just to be sure to find it.

Every step we take, whether we realise or not is the journey towards the ocean that we long to swim in, to be welcomed with open arms, to feel as if we belong in the embrace of our beloved, who will lift us towards the infinite worlds of joy and pleasure of a sublime kind, that remains an enigma, even to us.

When we hear the call of love, it appears as if from nowhere and the moment we hear it's name, that is the exact and precise time that a fragment of heaven pierces our heart, allowing the light to stimulate our soul and makes the unseen visible.

Everything becomes more beautiful, when the flame of joy touches our wings, fanning the yearning to join real love.
We are only able to fly when something has been lit inside of us and we become as one with the eternal force, it is this intensity in all of us, to become part of the Beloved that gives us the courage to pursue the fire of passion, that is able to burn all illusions of separation.

One of the greatest secrets, is the call of the heart and the realisation that every stage we pass through on the path of love, is needed for the soul to find its way back home.

Published in NYK Daily - Original Article