The Secret Of Each Moment

We travel upon this road but once, and we leave our footprints with each step we make in this life.
Although we may glance back at the moments we have shared with one another, and cry tears of joy or of regret, we can never re trace the times we missed to tell one another how much we cared or how much we were moved by their very presence in our lives.

We do not always have the courage to speak the words of the heart, for the fear of the disapproval of others.
We do not always have the strength to stand up for what we believe, for the fear that others will extinguish our truth, but with gentleness, with sincerity and with faith in ourselves, we can always be true, true to ourselves and to the souls that matter.
There are some we meet along the way who carry the torch of love's light deep in their hearts, who will be our companions, our friends, the rare few, who will share our journey, for a few years or more.
Those that can teach us, that when we look to the now we can find peace within this moment, just by allowing ourselves the freedom to trust our yearnings of a more meaningful connection.

We may think sometimes that we are alone because we are difficult to love but that is not the reason.
It is that it is difficult for most people to find the road to our heart, and so this is a clear sign that these are not our people, they belong on another path and have another destiny to ours.

It is far better sometimes to be with those that understand our silence, then those that hear our words.

Let us not throw away our days on what doesn't make us happy.
Let us do everything in our power to cherish every moment with those that bring joy to our life.
All else is not worth a minute of our time nor an ounce of our energy.

One day when we glance back at our life and all the people we have beside us and those that we have left behind, we will realise a deep understanding, that although we may walk in the past with our memories we will never be able to place our footsteps there.

We should try and open ourselves to the truth that only the present moment is real.

When we are in the present moment, it does not mean that we simply ignore the past or the future.
It means that we need to learn from our experiences, with the wisdom that what lies ahead of us we will never know about until it happens and what we once had will never return.

Rather, it means that we should be conscious of ourselves and those around us, giving ourselves the permission to spend our time not regretting the past, or worrying about the future, but instead honouring our life enough, to only be with those that give our wings flight and that don't suppress our taste for new adventures and new beginnings.

It is pointless to waste time through despair on what was once and what could be, everything that passes never returns.
We do not even own our own breath.
For every breath we take, we give one back.
Put your hand on your heart and honour your heartbeats.
It is through this connection that we enter the gateway to remembering that our life has a purpose, even if for a fleeting moment.

Published in NYK Daily - Original Article