The Quest for Self Realisation

On our quest for the ultimate in self realisation and spiritual wisdom we must embark upon the road towards humility, with the belief and faith that the human spirit is powerful beyond measure.
It has the capacity to see beyond the ordinary and into the remarkable, by being the beacon that shines its light towards the path of enlightenment.
When we live the truth of one reality, every wall disappears, every hidden secret unveils itself and the struggle of doubt ends.

We are always either remembering the past or looking forward to the future, yet the only real place we stand that is real, is on the bridge of the now.

There are times we lose our way and there is a valuable reason for this also, sometimes it is inevitable.
Always there is wisdom to be gained during that time.

Adversity teaches us that any opportunity to gain insight into the deepest caverns of our being is what builds strength and courage.
We all make mistakes, but most importantly, we have to let them go.

Maybe it is because we are afraid that we prevent the heart from speaking, but it speaks to us whether we listen or not.
It whispers, it shouts, it trembles, it laments but always it is there trying to remind us of where it is trying to take us.

Every soul has the essence of divinity of truth and love within them.
Some sleep in this life, as this is their path, nothing can awaken them unless they themselves want to be awoken from the deep sleep of the soul.

Those that are awake must try in love and humbleness to awaken the sleeper, it is our duty to our fellow human being to extend the glory of the heavenly light within us, in this ever darkening world, but we must also accept that some prefer to sleep as their wounds are too painful and their heart too broken.

Ultimately, they will reach the final destination of grace and love, where we will all be as one for eternity.

Each and every one of us has been given the book of our life before our birth and agreed to live it upon this earth and amongst the worlds, only we ourselves can read the pages of that book, it is not for anyone to see, it is between God and us.

None of us know what anyone else has promised, we only know that we know nothing, other than that we all share the same heartache, the devastation of separation from our true reality and unless there was darkness we would never know light.
The light of our souls is never extinguished, it can never be, as infinity abides within each and every one of us forever.

We are the universe and those answers that we seek those signs that we look for to illuminate the way are within us in any given moment, all we need to do is ask.
Each answer opens up new possibilities for all of us to lead more peaceful and successful lives in every sphere.

The seeds of destiny lie within us.
To embrace the wondrous and spectacular, is to open the gates of possibility and thus releasing the full potential of our dreams.

Our insight is more astonishing then we could ever imagine and has a breathtaking clarity that can answer every question that has ever really mattered.

There are no coincidences, everything is a message about the miracle of our presence.
When we understand that every experience is a manifestation of a greater purpose, we can begin to live at a deeper level and begin to enter the flow of synchronicity that shapes the very essence of all existence.

Published in NYK Daily - Original Article