Mimi Novic Article

One of the most fundamentally fragile things about being human is the ability to be able to have a sense of hope, a yearning for better times and better days.

It is this very gift bestowed upon humanity that allows us to capture an incredible moment within our breath, to realise that the space between each new inhalation and exhalation is where our very essence exists.

With such frailty of life one could wonder how we ever begin anything, as it seems that our lives are no more than the blink of an eye, yet somehow Divinity graces us with an internal compass that guides us along the path and installs an unwavering force, which pulls us out of the gravitational earthly realm to the place where dreams reside.

Sometimes we forget the miracle of our very being, that here we are on this ball hurtling through the celestial realms, each one of us within their own hemisphere of abundant light.

We are reminded daily through, music, love, friendship, nature, beauty and the phenomenal countless other blessings around us, that our very existence is needed on this planet, so that the Divine Harmony can play it’s orchestral aria through the chords of our hearts.

It is this very music that resonates within us that we need to remember to listen to and most importantly to hear its vibration echoing its messages of courage and inspiration in every breath that is bestowed upon us.

We can change our state of being and our life in every new moment and this extraordinary power we hold within us.

The secret, is to awaken from the slumber of our sleep, to rejuvenate our spirit with what makes us feel alive, and pursue that eternal dance that is waiting for our glorious symphony.