How Never To Feel Alone Again

To make a change in our life can be difficult and often seems impossible.
But do you know what's more heart wrenching to live with? Regret.
To say to our tears one day:
"I'm so very sorry but I didn't do it because I was afraid."
We must take the chance no matter how much our heart is trembling, we must trust it and take its hand, it knows the way of the stars and will take us to where we belong.

We are all standing looking at the mirror of ourselves and do not recognise the eyes filled with tears that hide the oceans of separation.
We search for the winds of destiny, yet they are the breath that we breathe.
We look for the limitless horizons that carry us towards forever, yet the vista of forgetfulness falls like dust upon us making us forget who we are.

We stand on the bridge of yesterday and the fountains of our past empty themselves into the reflections of the forgotten dreams we once dreamt as children and the light of our hopes begin to fade.
We do not awaken, until the shadows fall upon the valley of sorrow and we are stirred only by the crumbling of the walls that we have built around our hearts and we ask the ever unanswered question;
Where did our life go and to whom did we give it to?

So many of us come to a point in our life where we question the reason we are here.
The search for the answers leads us to a state of indecisiveness and it is at this time that we can access one of the greatest gifts of our higher self, the gift of intuition.
This is a form of guidance that is speaking to us constantly, whether we choose to listen to it or not and this is where free will comes into play.

It is always trying to push and direct us in the direction of our higher good and the way that leads to growth and prosperity, so that we can live the life that brings us serenity and the fulfilment of our greatest dreams.

When we feel stuck and confused at any moment in our life, we must realise immediately that it is then that we are ignoring the call of our higher purpose and that somehow we have lost our balance by preventing ourselves from moving on from one phase of our development to the next.

Our intuition is the key that opens all the doors to discovering the courage to pursue the life we were meant to live.
Slowly the more we allow our intuition to lead the way, some people like to refer to it as our "gut feeling", the place where all the answers are, we will realise that we are in fact a spiritual being that is having the experience of being human, while living in a body.

Once we discover this realisation we will become empowered beyond belief as the consciousness of who we are expands and allows us to become all that we are.

Therefore instead of looking to our problems, we can give ourselves the permission to see our joys and our blessings and enjoy the pleasure of being alive each day, being grateful for the incredible adventure that we have embarked upon.

Our intuition is clear and strong and once we begin to trust its powerful voice we will gain a great faith and with it the ability to see it as a life force that is working hand in hand with us to resolve any problems and difficulties that we may encounter with confidence and serenity.

Each new challenge will be resolved in a faster manner and as we begin to recognise that everything that arrives, also passes, it is then that we will recognise our inner power and we will never feel alone again, because the connection between us and our deep reserves of intuition, becomes our guiding light.

Published in NYK Daily - Original Article