The Mystery Of Friendship

Friendship remains one of the greatest mysteries of the universe.
One of the most beautiful gifts, that we can be bestowed with, is to have this precious and noble abundance touch our lives. 
When we are blessed with a true friend, someone who understands our silence, sings our music, wipes our sorrows and makes the road ahead filled with adventure, it is one of the most profoundly beautiful honours we can be blessed with.

Whatever relationships we have in our life right now at this precise moment is what we have drawn to us energetically.

The people we meet are exactly the ones we need on a higher level whose meaning and reason is hidden, yet all events thus arise from this hidden meaning, primarily to serve our own growth and expansion of our greater role on this planet.

This means a natural pull exists towards each other and it arises out of our own need to recognise the nature of our own presence.
When we become synergistically connected to another, we naturally no longer have to contrive to protect ourselves, as we like to share this inner joy of recognition on a far more deeper level.
We become more warm-hearted and no longer feel the need to judge others and somehow begin to show more compassion towards creation as a whole.

If we remember our childhood, or we look around at children playing, it is easy to sense the presence of an unfathomable generosity, a pure spirit that gives all, asking for nothing in return and only enjoying this moment in its full capacity.

It is this compassion that we usually lose as adults, because we suppress the generous state that we feel naturally in our hearts, as society teaches us to only give if we receive something back, but this is fundamentally filled with room for total heartbreak and disappointment.

We are all a living force, an energy that coexists with so many other forces as we intertwine with all on so many frequencies.
To only want to receive is not a natural state of being.
We cannot keep a life force to ourself, it has to be conveyed to others.
This applies not only to humans, but to rivers, seas, mountains, animals, birds, even to the sun and moon itself, we are all serving each other other in some way, we are all a fragment of a celestial light and only one ray is needed to touch each other in so many ways.

Therefore our responsibility is a huge cavern of treasures, that only we have the key, and it is our choice who to give it to.

All we need to do, is to bestow our love on all those who we have embraced in the beauty of friendship.
It is not an easy task and it may require untold patience, as we all have our own tests and trials to deal with, but the deeper our appreciation for all life,the more we realise, that all we have, has no meaning unless we share it with those we love.
This is where our life becomes more meaningful, where the art of giving our appreciation, love, forgiveness, and wonder becomes our delight and one of the most precious rarities we will ever encounter.

A life without regret, is a life of serenity and peace.
None of us want to say at any stage in our life that we lost the chance to experience the bliss of having a true kindred spirit beside us.

One of the most difficult experiences we will ever have to face is that of losing a friend, whether through misunderstanding, life circumstances, or through the gates of kismet..

We must try to do our utmost to allow whatever stirs our soul into our life and that includes the nurturing of a true companion.

To lose a friend, is one of the saddest heartaches known, as with it we lose a part of our hearts memory of the past.
The footsteps of sorrow walk upon the heartache, while the dust rises and with it caresses the eyes, so they shed their tears of sadness.
The soul yearns, but the heart knows that within this world, time is but an instant, and then it is gone and all things, including the ties of friendship are temporary, unless bound by the thread of the eternal weaver whose hand sews destiny.

Our existence is temporary upon the waves of time,we are but shadows among the mists of memories.
All we can be we must be in this moment, or we disappear instantaneously.
Only the perfume of our memory lingers amongst the dewdrops of time.

Published in NYK Daily - Original Article