The Hardest Thing To Do In Our Lifetime

One of the hardest things to do in our lifetime, is to accept ourselves completely as we really are.
Each new chapter in our life, brings with it a new lesson and a new realisation of our self.
From the moment we are born and place our footsteps on this earth, we know without doubt that we belong to a greater plan, a journey that will take us on every road that is necessary in order for us to reach our soul’s purpose.

We are all conquering adversity and struggling in our own way.
By just getting up each morning and putting one foot in front of the other, we are succeeding.
Never underestimate the power of the small things that make the heart still want to keep beating.

Whatever happens to us it is essential not to give up the hope to live, to love and believingwith wholehearted belief hold on to the faith of a better tomorrow, knowing with certainty that this moment can bring a change so profound, that the next hour, the next day can be transformed from despair to hope.
Every moment is crucial, the decision always rests in our hands how we live, that is our infinite power.

One of the mistakes of modern thinking is that we are led to think that we should be the sameas everyone else, but this is where the fundamental flaw is, as we are all individual and unique and all that we need to do is to embrace our beautiful differences.
We do not have to ask permission from anyone to be ourself.

It is when we begin to compare ourselves to others that we begin to suffer as it is an impossible task to be like anyone else.
The journey ahead becomes confusing only when we lose our way through the doubt of others misconceptions about who we should be as opposed to who we are.

Our only concern should be to find our own worth and value in order to benefit our own life on a more deeper and more meaningful level and thus then being able to be of service and value to others, which is part of our true nature, to share this time on earth with all living beings and experience a profound joy of belonging to a greater more spiritual awakening.

We must try to remember that everyone we meet, yearns, longs for, dreams, misses someone, has loved, has lost, has won, and because of this, we all belong to the same circle of life.

Each one of us has an eternal symphony that forever echoes in the great mystery of our existence.
We are all lovers of life, who with our passion and joy of the Divine thread within, intrinsically yearn something greater that transcends heaven and earth.

The phenomenal power of the soul inspires the music of the heart to dance amongst the worlds of the infinite and forever trust in love of the mystical that moves us to a state of being beyond all time and space.

The ever trembling question that makes the heart strings quiver in ecstatic yearning, is how do we reach this state of grace that leads to the awakening of the Divine within us, that beckons our spirit within each breath?

The answer lies in the realisation that although we have all walked among the shadows, our inner light is like a nightingale that sings it’s beautiful song, and guides us to the daybreak of hope that captures the dawn within us setting us free from all the chains of this world and propelling us into the hemispheres of the sublime, where the gentle notes of heavenly rain showers upon us to remind us of our purpose and acceptance of our real being.

Published in NYK Daily - Original Article