Find the purpose of your life and celebrate each moment with thoughtful inspiring ideas for your health, life, spirituality and all things beautiful.
Within the episodes of this podcast I share my interviews with experts from all walks of life who have the most amazing knowledge. We also hear inspiring stories of love and survival, failure and success.
You will hear mystical music that delights your spirit, share healthy living ideas and all things that ignite that inspirational spark.
Together we can discover what it takes to open our hearts and souls and lead a more adventurous and meaningful life.

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  • Following The Quest For Bliss

    Mimi Novic talks with Fanni Compton, who is an actress, writer and singer.
  • Zen Warrior

    Mimi Novic talks to Singer/Songwriter & Author Bob Hillary.
  • Rediscovering Our Natural Being

    Mimi Novic talks to Radio Host & Transformational Coach Philip Chan.
  • You are Free

    Mimi Novic talks about the freedom to let go of fear and embrace inner strength.