Secrets For An Inspirational Life with Mimi Novic

Find the purpose of your life and celebrate each moment with thoughtful inspiring ideas for your health, life, spirituality and all things beautiful.
Within the episodes of this podcast I share my interviews with experts from all walks of life who have the most amazing knowledge. We also hear inspiring stories of love and survival, failure and success.
You will hear mystical music that delights your spirit, share healthy living ideas and all things that ignite that inspirational spark.
Together we can discover what it takes to open our hearts and souls and lead a more adventurous and meaningful life.

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  • How To Find A Career You Love

    Mimi Novic talks with Career Coach Betty Kempa, a guide to a more fulfilling life.
  • Awakening The Greatness In Us

    Mimi Novic talks with coach, speaker and TV presenter MEejie Chaparro-Traverso.
  • Awareness Of The Present

    Mimi Novic talks with Dr Alice Kerby, a Doctor of Physical Therapy.
  • Tapestry Of Life

    Mimi Novic talks to the founder of the Tanglewood Project Nick Mussell.
  • Symphonies Of Silence

    Mimi Novic talks to Violinist & Human Soma Sound Founder Morven Bryce.
  • Twist Of Fate

    Mimi Novic Talks with Motivational Speaker. Author Natalie Queiroz.
  • What Would Love Do?

    Mimi Novic talks to The People Whisperer, Life Coach & Author Samantha Trew.
  • Feminine and Masculine

    Mimi Novic talks with Relationship Expert Dimitrios Raftopoulos.
  • Take Back Your Health

    Mimi Novic Talks with Author, & Speaker Johanna Belsuzarri Dahlman.
  • How Not To Feel Alone

    Mimi Novic talks about the very real subject of feeling alone.
  • In Between The Worlds

    Mimi Novic talks to Spiritual Coach & Reiki Master Ramona Moore.
  • Joy Of Inner Freedom

    Mimi Novic talks with high performance coach Raghav Parkash.