Guided Meditation

This meditation music has a spoken word accompaniment that is thought provoking and calming. Mimi's positive words offer the listener a chance to reflect and travel with her into their deepest thoughts. Listening and thinking, one can reach a level of relaxed calmness that is both beneficial to the mind and also the body.

  • The Journey album
    Dream House is a unique, inspirational concept, created by the collaboration between Mimi Novic and David Courtney who is
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  • Aria Of The Wind
    Sometimes all we need to reach the state of receiving heavenly inspirations, are tender messages of light, gently touching
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  • Awakening Oasis
    We look our whole lifetime for messages to help us understand our existence and yet we forget... Our Life
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  • Harmony Of Malaika
    The heart travels each road with love holding its hand, both within us and between the worlds.
    If we
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  • Lovers Of The Beloved
    The phenomenal power of the spirit of the mystical poet Rumi inspires the music of the heart to dance
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  • Realms Through Eternity
    When we travel with friends we do not feel alone, yet when we travel by ourself we feel alone.
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  • The Secrets Of Destiny
    As you begin to enter the gate of remembrance, these words of love will resonate and echo the message
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  • Whispers Of The Soul
    This featured album ‘Whispers of the Soul’ is an audio and spoken word CD, composed specifically for the purpose
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