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Seven Prayers of Love

Seven Prayers of Love is a beautifully rare and quintessentially uplifting album created by the collaboration between international award winning author Mimi Novic, who is widely recognized amongst one of the most respected experts in the fields of self development and spiritual growth and the renowned violinist Edmond Fokker, who has played throughout the world with famed musicians, from Carnegie Hall, illustrious palaces, royal courts, to war zones and orphanages.

Seven Prayers of Love combines classical pieces of music of the great classical composers which are performed by Edmond Fokker and specially composed inspirational words written and narrated by Mimi Novic.

Together they take the listener on a journey of enlightenment and contemplation with their tremendously powerful dual force, which transcends time and space to deliver something soulful, vibrant, and ever inspiring.

Spoken Word / Music Album
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